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I think it is very funny that your tag cloud has a giant "Saturn Return" in the middle of it. It being a subject that generally only comes up when you are in one's midst, yet it lasts long enough to become a pronounced feature of your life. The relative obscurity of Astrology, Saturn in astrology, and then its Return helps explain why there are so few books on the subject. I know a fair amount about all three as for some reason saturn return is a source of continuous curiousity.

Archtypally, such as in Jungian astrology, Saturn: satan's namesake, the reaper, the destroyer is represented in every religion and generally feared by all.. except perhaps the Buddhists who seem to understand the purpose of sometimes catastrophic pruning.

Reminds me of the Coldplay Song "Fix You": "When you get what you want and not what you need".. Saturn cleans that mess for you :)

Yeah, I find that kind of suspicious that it's SO big...and that's even before I figured out how to change the title this morning!

I can see why you'd be curious about it. I've been like "OMG SCARY!" about it since I first heard of the concept. Then again, the twenties have already been so rough that I started asking around if one's SR could start long beforehand :P

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