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I just bought Nightlife, yesterday and I haven't put it down since. I'm already on chapter 17. What I am wondering is if you found any background on the Auphe, like their origins... I know all the other fantasy characters, but this one bugs me. Where do the Auphe come from. I looked up Grendels the things about it didn't even come close to what the book described...I dunno...please email me with information if you can. Thanks for your time.


I give this book a 4.9 and that's just cause Goodfellow drove me insane. I had been looking for a good book, picky reader I am, and this was more than what I was looking for. I was eager to know more and i'm even more eager now that i've finished it. I NEED to read book 2 asap! Excellent job with character developement and the style of writing had me laughing the entire time!

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