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    I'm finding various online "design your own figure"-type sites and trying to design figures that look as close to me as possible for a self-portrait collage project. This is surprisingly tricky when one (a) wears glasses, which aren't always offered, and (b) normally has blonde/brown hair and currently dyes it vaguely-reddish/blonde. What hair color to pick?

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    My gallery show, "Motley Chaos," at the Craft Center in Davis, California, Aug 3-September 11, 2010.

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February 01, 2009


It's an incredible tile and now it just looks very *old*. Dunno if you've glazed it yet, but perhaps if you did it in pieces, just glazing the top (it is a tile after all) and then assembled it, not as a mosaic per say, but on a wooden back it would look great. Oh, I meant to say to use a glaze like a golden clear - give it an old feel to it.

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