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So I take it from this you are a Scorpio?

The coming Lunar eclipse - Super moon and Blue moon is the first of such combinations in 150 years. It is 1 degree off my Sun which is at 12 degrees Leo!

I followed you through Elsa and a while back commented, incorrectly I see, wildly incorrectly on your comment there. It seems I reveal more of a woundedness when I write sometimes than the message I am trying to convey!

It does interest me though. I had seen something on a facebook status just as you were writing that you had made a mistake in understanding others communication and was wondering whether I also had.

I have no idea what this eclipse will convey but it does seem powerful! I have seen more about it in the alternative media political community than in the astrological community. Apparently the Illuminati think such dates are important and plan events based on that.

Things seem uncomfortable and tense. It is like sitting in a trench and waiting for a battle to begin.

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