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First of all, I know this was a very hard review for Jen to write, because she were really into it and hopeful when the mother was introduced. She wanted it to end with a powerful character, not on a schmaltzy note which would make a sane woman cringe.

While I accept Mama Wannabe lit is clearly a popular genre in romance and chick lit, it makes me think of that awful song by Heart, "All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You". I understand women wanting that last go at fertility, but that women want to read about something so desperately sad as denying a child its father is not funny. I know a woman who did it. It's not cute or sweet or funny. It's a human being stored in day care because Mommy wanted one last go at meiosis but couldn't sacrifice the career for the bundle of . . . something.

Sorry, but I'd avoid this book simply from the positive reviews on Amazon.com -- good, bad, or ugly review from Jen. What's sadder is that there is no lesson learned by the MC, something I assumed was part of the whole Chick Lit genre. The MC's reproductive system is the hero of the tale, not the MC. That's not right for Chick Lit. I want to read about women making bold, life-changing decisions and learning something about themselves -- man or not waiting at the finish line.

There's a market for Mama-Wannabe Lit, and had the agent READ the reviews here and why the reviewer liked certain books over others, I think s/he would have thought twice before tossing it at Speed-Reading Book Nerd Reviews.

I can only hope "Spoiling Egg Chick Lit" goes the way of "Rape-N-Revenge Sword-N-Sorcery Fantasy" soon, because it's just not pretty to watch women act like this. Her issues with her mother's "Oops" should drive the MC NOT to wants kids, not into the oncoming baby-makin' traffic coming other way.

Then again, I'm probably a heretic for hating Nicholas Sparks's Theresa in Message_in_a_Bottle and James Patterson's Katie from Suzanne's_Diary_for_Nicholas. Both female characters were sickeningly self-absorbed and learned nothing at all about the men they "loved" (both of whom were written well and with consciences).

Women who don't think past their own pores bug -- real or fictional. Period.

AIGH! *was, not were.

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