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September 18, 2006


sounds like a successful trip. may i ask, what yarn sub did you choose for cruelty? i'm still making up my mind if i want to use the bamboo or not... thanks! velma

I think the one I got (it's at home right now so I can't check) was something like Bernat TLC Baby. I went on the following factors:

(a) really cheap/lotta yarn for the money
(b) approximate right gauge
(c) what can I FIND in this place, because I am trying to avoid ordering yarn online (any time I order a package, I get all kinds of crap from the mailmen/UPS).
(d) and of the limited selection in this store, can I find enough yarn in a good color and in the same dye lot?

Ironically, it turned out after the fact that my LYS has the bamboo yarn, but they never order enough in any color yarn to make an entire garment, so...meh. Oh well, it looks pretty, but cost a ton there anyway.

well jen, the skirt turned out beautiful! how do you feel about your yarn sub now, after the fact? glad you decided to go w/ the butt-straps; they're hot!

and i have the same prob w/ my lys - i feel your pain! meh.

I like the substituted yarn. It worked well for me.

I did find it kind of funny that I bought 3 large balls of it and only ended up using 2 to make the skirt. What to do with the leftover...?

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