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November 01, 2012



Hi! Found your link on twitter. Personally, I've iniftedied myself as a writer my entire life but have never had the opportunity to write professionally I stopped writing fiction when I started college, I became addicted to the blog lifestyle afterwards, and now that I'm unemployed and have had ideas floating around in my head for months I've decided to take on NaNoWriMo.Why? Because I need a little motivation for this project that has already been sitting dormant for months. It gives a harsh deadline, but it also gives routine to someone who hasn't felt inspired to push pen to paper because of [insert excuse #1,000,000,000 here]. Of course I've planned characters, plot, themes, etc, but only mentally. I'd always scoffed at the idea of NaNoWriMo before because my writing style is minimalistic and meticulous it can take me ages to produce something that I am satisfied with. Obviously hasn't worked out for me, yet. So this year I decided to join in on the craze.Most serious writers that I know, who plunge into NaNoWriMo annually, usually develop a plan over the summer or use the month to make lengthy revisions to existing projects. I don't know anyone who goes into it without a little thought behind it in the months leading up to the big race. What do I expect to gain from NaNoWriMo? A pathetic first draft with a few salvageable items, and a renewed drive to work on my art throughout the year. Anyway, glad I came across your entry I've enjoyed seeing perspectives on it after reading , it's been great validation for my decision

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