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Tower Flag
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I’m kind of obsessed with the Tower card in tarot. It represents out-of-the-blue unexpected events, in case you didn’t guess, and I tend to be a magnet for unexpected events happening. I get this card in readings FREQUENTLY. Most people think of it as an “only bad events happen” card, but I think that good unexpected events apply to this card as well.

This is what the “traditional” Tower card looks like. Uplifting, eh?

Years ago I made an enameled pendant version of the Tower, only instead of having bodies falling out of the tower in the way that the traditional card does, I decided to put in something more cheerful, i.e. a “chaos butterfly.”

The “butterfly effect” idea is related to Edward Lorenz’s work on chaos theory, and is generally described with the analogy that the flap of a butterfly’s wings may cause tiny changes in the atmosphere that might later affect a tornado very far away. Later on when I decided to make a larger version of the design for my wall, I decided to add a swarm of butterflies.

Unfortunately, my original tower pendant suffered an accident recently and I found that the butterfly had scraped off of the pendant. I’m starting to wonder if there’s a theme to these incidents… (see Tower, Towered.)

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