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Rainbow Outfit
Handspun yarn knitwear

I didn’t do overly well when I took the spinning class here… and then I realized that I could design my own yarn. I could do whatever color or colors I wanted. (Also, I found out about the concept of “art yarn.” Who cares if it comes out at weird bulgy sizes? It’s ART!)

So I decided that I wanted to make something bigger. Usually when you buy a few ounces of roving, you’ll end up with a few hundred yards of yarn that all you can do is make a scarf with. I have been interested in finding other things besides scarves to do with handspun yarn, so I decided to make a giant project, with enough yarn to make an entire garment. I got six different colors of roving, trying to approximate a rainbow, and laid them out. I then pulled on each color at random, weaving in different colors at different times. When you finally spin two very different strands together into a yarn, you come out with interesting striping.

I did this three different times, following up my original circular vest with the “Dark Rainbow” (darker colors) raglan sweater and “Rainbow Sherbet” (pastels) for the skirt. As a cohesive outfit, it doesn’t exactly match any sort of weather, but you get the point of it as an art project.

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