Quotes For A Coronavirus Sampler

  • Carolyn Hax:
    "Know, too, there’s no single code for “how to keep going.” There is only whatever works — and that can even mean just staggering from day to terrible day, food-work-sleep, until things change. Because things will change. They always do."
  • NotTheRedBaron:
    "Reading about interesting times is fascinating. Living through interesting times is very much not."
  • Ginny S:
    “I value things like my friends, my school, my teachers, so much more now. I know that I can lose them at a moment's notice, or even less. And I've been able to speak out more, because when every day might lead to your death, there's no payoff to keeping silent. I've learned that adults are not completely useless, but they sure as hell don't actually know much about the world. I've learned that we have to save this world, because of course we do.”
  • Michael Fazio (NYT)
    “The outside world doesn’t work very well right now, so we really have to create our own inside world,”
  • Ken Sofer:
    "I've seen enough of 2020 to know that the actual worst-case scenario is often much worse than my envisioned worst-case scenario,"
  • Linda Holmes:
    "And it is not lost on me that my year has been much better than most. Much easier than most. And still, I have been so challenged, so unhappy, so anxious. I don't even know how to wrap my head around it."
  • hanov3r:
    "We don't know when *waves hands* all of THIS is going to end. And that feels HUGE and insurmountable and makes me want to curl up in the foetal position with my numbing agent of choice and never get up again. If you look at the entirety of all of THIS, it's almost beyond the scope of imaging, and it becomes everything. But, today? Today ends. And tomorrow may be different. It may not be, but today has an end, and I can get to the end of today. Whether I can get to the end of tomorrow's "today" is up to tomorrow's hanov3r."
  • Your Childhood Pet Rock:
    "I'm going to just hate myself in a corner and continue my own shutdown as best as I can."
  • The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner:
    "When millions of grown-ass adults have spent all summer violating lockdowns and ignoring social distancing guidelines, why did anyone expect college students to do any better?"
  • Carolyn Hax:
    "Every time I feel frustrated by the undefined scope of this pandemic, I think about the people of Europe during World War II. Their deadly and destabilizing journey lasted for years. Surely, we can “keep calm and carry on,” too."

Speed-Reading List

  • Seanan McGuire: Calculated Risks
    Reviewed March 2. (***)
  • Veronica Roth: Chosen Ones
    Reviewed February 24. (***)
  • CL Polk: The Midnight Bargain
    Reviewed February 23. (****)
  • Chloe James: Love in Lockdown
    Reviewed February 17. (***)
  • Rachel Bloom: I Want To Be Where The Normal People Are
    Reviewed February 16. (***)
  • AJ Lancaster: The Lord of Stariel
    Reviewed February 1. (***)
  • Ilona Andrews: Blood Heir
    Reviewed January 21. (****)
  • Colleen Cowley: Revolutionary
    Reviewed January 19. (****)
  • Colleen Cowley: Radical
    Reviewed January 14. (****)
  • Seanan McGuire: Across The Green Grass Fields
    Reviewed January 13. (****)
  • Colleen Cowley.: Subversive
    Reviewed January 10. (****)
  • Martha Waters: To Have and to Hoax
    Reviewed January 9. (****)
  • Lindsay Ellis: Axiom's End
    Reviewed January 2. (****)
  • Nina George: The Little Paris Bookshop
    Reviewed January 1. (***)
  • Linda Holmes: Evvie Drake Starts Over
    Reviewed December 8. (***)
  • Seanan McGuire: Dying With Her Cheer Pants On: Stories of the Fighting Pumpkins
    Reviewed November 8.
  • Sarah Hogle: You Deserve Each Other
    Reviewed November 3. (****)

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February 11, 2021


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