• "They have, but we - again, this is a case, which I know is endlessly frustrating to people - and I will acknowledge that - where we will rely on the advice and the recommendations by our health and medical experts on what is safe for the American public. And they are constantly evaluating that, but I can't get ahead of their process and what I anticipate in terms of any changes to travel restrictions."


  • "the President also visited one local restaurant that was a beneficiary of relief funding through the Revitalization Fund's pilot program. Taqueria [Las] Gemelas - I'm going to butcher that and I apologize; I want to go there and have some tacos"
  • "And I think, as a parent myself of kids going to summer school - not summer school, summer camp; don't tell them I said that - (laughter) - you know, they - I would welcome that."
  • "Go ahead, Kristin - Kristin? Kristen? Kristin? I got confused. Kaitlan."
    Q: There's a lot of "Ks." A lot of "Ks."
    "There's a lot of "Ks." It's a Wednesday. Go ahead, Kaitlan."
    Q That's all right. Kristin and I also have been dressing alike lately, so it's fine.
    "Kristin has a very good mask on today. This Kristin. Both of your masks."
  • "I don't have any more trip details. Who among us wouldn't want to go see the Queen? But I don't have any details to preview at this point in time. I expect as we get closer to the trip, we'll have more specifics. And I don't have any calls or engagements with Prince Harry or Meghan Markle to - to read out for you with the President or the First Lady."


  • "We were a little early today, I apologize for that."
  • "You’re fine. It’s okay. It’s a Friday. Give everybody a break."
    Speaker 6: I’m so sorry Jen.
    "You’re fine. You’re fine. You’re fine. This was falling down last week. We had a plane flying over a few weeks … You never know."
  • "I’m sorry, Emerald. I think you’ve had plenty of time today."
  • "Tell me if I butchered your last name. As someone with the last name Psaki, I certainly understand if I did that, and I apologize."

In other media: CNN video, CNN print recap. and Jen does The Axe Files podcast:

  • "I was the victim of Russian propaganda...I wouldn't have predicted that."
  • In the past about being hired for jobs, she was "always the bridesmaid and never the bride," but "that's also a good life experience for you."
  • On her job, people think "you're a weathergirl, or weather guy, and you just kinda get up and give talking points, but that's just the tip of the iceberg about what's happening." The best at the job get steeped in policy and "go nine layers deep" in what is happening.
  • "No pressure! I'm glad I did the briefing already!"
  • "Almost every day" she doesn't land something right.
  • On the Space Force thing: "There's always times when I wish I had said something in a more articulate, more clear, more crisp way, and there's days where I wish there was something I shouldn't have said, right?" Her first week and the Space Force..."My intention was to never begrudge the men and women serving on the Space Force, I was a week in and I had not spent time with the Space Force yet. But that was a good lesson....  And to their credit, the head of Space Force wrote me a note, I now have a Space Force pin. I will always be an advocate for the Space Force. it's a lesson. There's tremendous opportunity and responsibility."
  • "being transparent about the fact that you can't say more." She can't make announcements before the president does them.
  • "It's a really personal job, speaking on someone else's behalf."
  • On working for Rahm Emanuel: "Rahm was somebody so accessible and so in your face that sometimes you wanted him to go have a snack and a break, you know? And you knew that from the first day you met him. Maybe my first week he jumped up on my desk and he was yelling at me about some race and what story we needed to get rid of. ...it was learning that it was like working for an angry dog. you needed not to be meek and to respectfully bark back when you disagreed. And he respected that."

Even Jen's had one of those bosses, sigh. More on this:

  • "You know me, I'm not exactly a fire breather at people."
  • "The tenth time it happened, I went into his office and said, either you're the spokesperson or I'm the spokesperson. After that it was kinda like we had an understanding."
  • On working for John Kerry: "energetic in an exhausting way" "kindest and most effervescent." She didn't get a job with him, she was really bummed out, he called her and said "We're going to have some adventures around the world together. He didn't have to do that." He's also apparently very fast. "He was moving at 1000 miles an hour," she mentions at one point chasing him down at 1 a.m. yelling, "You can't say that, it's not credible!" That's not normally how you talk to the secretary of state....
  • On working for Obama: "It took me some time to get comfortable in my own skin prepping him, or staffing him." "He is a lovely human being to work for...he's a little intimidating." "He does not love prep, does not think he needs prep."
  • Advice she got was "just act like you belong there and everybody will believe it."
  • On working for Biden: he is a storyteller. "We joke about how he hates acronyms. it drives him crazy, acronyms." "There are many and people write them into speeches" and he will ask, do people actually understand what R&D is? He does a lot of impromptu question answering almost every day "He takes questions nearly every day he's out. That is not something we recommend. A lot of times we say DON'T take questions. You know he's gonna do what he's going to do, he's the president of the United States." She wondered, "Am I going to be fired?" when he started taking questions from the pool one day.
  • "We're never going to satisfy the White House press corps with their desires for access." She says they're not trying to get pulled in by distractions, which people find maddening.
  • "Everybody's sick and tired of wearing masks and not going to concerts."
  • She has been told she can leave to do kid stuff whenever.
  • "I'm honored to do this job, and my life is insane."
  • Her kids get up at 5 a.m. to spend time with her. "I have a whole life experience often before I get in my car to drive to work." About her daughter she said, "She's kind of a magical unicorn." Ah, one of the tribe. 
  • Sadly, she only wants to do this job for a year WAAAAAAAAAH.
  • "This is a moment in history to be a part of."
  • "It's a great job. It's amazing."
  • "I never thought I'd be here."

David said he's never seen anyone do it better than her. "Jen Psaki, you're the best."